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VSO: 5 Steps for Creating of Successful Business

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Март 25th, 2009 | Автор: VSO Corp бизнес Раздел: Разное о бизнесе

VSO Corp: 1) Logica — strateg parter uspeha; 2) Usluga razvitie internet portal.

Business (occupation or project) is very similar to organism, live organism. Moreover, we can compare business (occupation or project) with the human being! Why so? Look! That organism was born. That body is breathing and growing. It can fall ill. Also it is growing stronger and developing. Then sometimes it gets married, gives birth to its children and brings up them. Then organism grows old and one day it dies.

Business (occupation or project) has its own stages in life like everything that surrounds us (but the exceptions for our human brain are: space (cosmos), uncertainty (obscurity), endlessness (infinity; eternity), and some other philosophic terms and conceptions).

If to simplify the life of business being you can see that there are three stages of its existence:

a) birth;

b) evolution;

c) disappearance.

Various business-schools have different points of view according these three possible stages of business existence. Certain schools add several additional stages (e.g., peak of development, fading and so forth). But the heart of the problem is the same!

The title of the article is “5 Steps for Creating of Successful Business”. So, what are these steps? What steps are needed in order to create profitable successful business from zero? Here they are:

1. To determine the kind of your business

2. To begin acting

3. To take the result (results)

4. To draw the conclusions

5. To continue working

And that’s all. Also that model can be applied not only for business but almost everywhere around us. Perhaps, it sounds simple? May be… But that is lightly constructed model of creating and functioning of business project. And every of these steps has its own hidden dangers and reefs. You can be damaged everywhere. Your trip may be dangerous and stormy (as in hurricane) or gently and soft (as during the calm). But if you overpass the difficulties and keep walking – you’ll have a great success!

Here, on business resource VSO Corp you can see the detailed description of every step of making of successful and profitable business. Here, on business portal VSO Corp you may see examples of business models. You’ll understand business logic (logica uspeha) and business strategy. You’ll obtain skills of business analysis. So You become a successful businessman! Great journey starts here! Make the first step!

So, as You see the portal VSO Corp is on Russian language, because experts of the portal are from Russia and Ukraine.
Nevertheless, if You need some assistance or help – use Contact Form. Feel free!

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