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Апрель 6th, 2009 | Автор: VSO Corp бизнес Раздел: Разное о бизнесе

Every person has certain set of spiritual, mental, physical characteristics. Every kind of professional activity demands definite skills, habits, experience and so on.

Successful surgeon (in that case “successful” means “surgeon who makes operations with high probability of positive outcome”) really made hundreds of operations (even not so well done) before he has become successful and recognized.
Successful teacher (in that case “successful” means “teacher who is able to transmit information to student with the high part of student’s understanding and memorization”) has made his own definite procedure for transmission of information (for example, Aristotelian system, entertainment method, testing system, etc.).

This list of successful persons is endless. Of course, success depends on many factors. In the same way successful businessman or entrepreneur (here think about word “successful” independently) has certain skills, habits and even thinking. But if You want to obtain such characteristics You have to be ready for these characteristics! For instance:
1). How can surgeon make operations if he is afraid of blood?
2). How can lecturer teach if he hates students?
Of course they can. But I guarantee, people that act in spite of their consciousness and subconsciousness finish in mental hospital or with infarct.

So, what are the main world outlooks of businessmen?
In brief, businessman has to think more than ordinary human being. Why?
Because businessman must determine his position in such categories:

1. Seller – consumer.

2. Employer – employee.

3. Chief – subordinate.

4. Profit – salary.

Ordinary person plays a role of consumer. He is common in that role. The world is full of different goods. And we want to have these goods. These goods are food, clothes, cars, machines, houses, etc. We want. It is normal. Every day we want.
Businessman must propose his commodity (service) to consumer. But not every commodity or service will be bought. Consumer will buy only those services, which are interesting for him. That is why many business projects fall, when businessman does not think about welfare of consumer but plans only about his profit. Businessman has to know that his wealth depends on welfare of his consumers.

May be You were an employee and You have subordination. But businessman has to create work places for huge amount of people and create this subordination. He have to think about these people.
You think only about Your salary before. But now (if You are a businessman) You have to think about profit of firm (because only profitable firm may bring money to You).

So, You see that there are business categories, which You have to understand, know and prepare for as a successful businessman.

So, as You see the portal VSO Corp is on Russian language, because experts of the portal are from Russia and Ukraine.
Nevertheless, if You need some assistance or help – use Contact Form. Feel free!

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