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Credit is the best stimulus for weight loss!

Март 23rd, 2013 | Автор: VSO Corp бизнес

A new life begins … now!

With the beginning of spring we often want to change some things in our lives. Sometimes it is enough to treat yourself with a new purchase. But more often you realize that changes must be more significant: to normalize body, throw off weight, start eating correctly and lead a regular life. And it is difficult to blame someone in idleness – there were a lot of attempts to deal with a pile of accumulated problems, but all of them came to the same end –returning to the beginning. To pull yourself out of the vicious circle it is necessary to analyze the errors. One day, fried potatoes were eaten instead of an apple for the night, and there was no energy for a exercises in the fitness center after work. With blaming yourself, a few extra glasses of alcohol were allowed and … progressing! You think you do not have enough strength of will? No, you do not have a system! There should be a clear plan, following which you will have a step-by-step move toward the ideal.

Why do the stars of show business lose weight quickly and permanently? Because there is a team of professionals at their disposal, each of whom has his own business: someone plans diet, someone cooks, someone conducts training etc. To build your correct personal system you need a specialist. – But it’s worth the money! – you might say. Yes! And a subscription to a fitness center, and healthy food, and, in the end, your time – everything costs money. And how much does your health cost? How much does the job of your dream cost? The job that you have missed because you did not corresponded to the image of an «ideal» employee. How much does the personal happiness cost, when a few extra pounds do not allow to consider the soul and the time is gone forever?

Often, there was no lack of person’s will and self-confidence, but the fully confidence in self-dealing with the problem … But finally there are lost time, opportunities and … life.

If your reflection in the mirror is not causing your approval, if problems with health signal about the urgent measures, it is time! There is no need to wait for the beginning of the month, Monday, salaries, vacations – it’s all lame excuses! Draw a range of problems and place priorities. Be prepared for difficulties, the results of which are coming up for months. But a new life is worth fighting! Nutritionists and trainers are not rare now; they can consult you even on the Internet. These are those people who will not let you relax and will trace every success or failure and give professional advices. Look in the fridge and say goodbye to its content – fresh fruits, vegetables, boiled meat, seafood, and juice should appear on its shelves.

And if you would be stopped near the fateful decision «for» a new life by a lack of money, take the credit – you will never go back to the start point after its returning. Your hand will not contact a bun – taking credit for a new life, you become a debtor to yourself and you securely will not turn aside from the chosen path! At last you will realize that this credit has been your most profitable investment. Venture!

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